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"Thank you Buzz, this helped me so much!"
PT, Sarasota, FL
This was great! I enjoyed using the cards, I grabbed a few and taped them to my mirror, the wall, the door, and had a handful in my purse, so I learned a little at a time on my own schedule. I just slipped on the audio CD and just let it play in the background, and it didn't feel like studying. I put sticky notes on the drug poster by the ones I knew, and kept on "sticking to it." lol I was also glad I got the math review, it was certainly well worth it. Oh, and AFTER I PASSED THE TEST, I saw the local community college offered a course for it for $679 and takes 2 1/2 months! woo-hoo! Thank you so much! Sharon K, Akron, Ohio
S K, Akron, OH
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