Pharmacy Technician Education & Certification Course
Education & Certification Course
The ProntoPass® Solutions Pharmacy Technician Education & Certification Course is a set of over 180 3”x5” QUICKCARDS® for easy portability and use. These QUICKCARDS® are divided into 14 categories, covering, medical abbreviations, organ system terminology, prescriptions, routes and formulations and much more. Everything you will need to gain the knowledge to start your career as a Pharmacy Technician.
The ProntoPass® Solutions Pharmacy Technician Q-Bank is a set of QUICKCARDS® with over 300 questions and answers for self testing. With the Q-Bank you will fold the cards and read the question on the left, answer the question, then unfold the card and read the right side for the correct answer.
Top Drugs
The ProntoPass® Solutions Pharmacy Technician TOP DRUGS consists of over 260 of the most widely used drugs that you will encounter as a pharmacy technician. These QUICKCARDS® contain Brand and Generic names, what the drug is rolex replica indicated or used for, and pictures to help you identify them.
Pharmacy MathThe ProntoPass® Solutions Basic Course Pharmacy Math Review on CD is breitling replica a great tool to refresh your basic math skills. With this CD you will also learn, temperature conversions, Ratios and proportions, common systems of measurements and much much more.
Top 200 Drugs PosterThe ProntoPass® Solutions Top 200 is an 11”x17” poster designed for use by pharmacists. But also a great tool to replica watches help the pharmacist technician gain more knowledge of top drugs being used today. This poster lists drugs by brand and generic name, indications and use, dosage forms and recommended starting dosage.


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